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US Nonprofit Sector

Quick facts & figures

Simple aggregate statistics on nonprofit organizations, public charity finances, volunteerism, charitable giving & foundation giving. 

501(c) subsections: definitions & overview

Summary information on the different types of 501(c) organizations: charities, foundations & other exempt entities. 

Number of organizations by type, 1999-2013

Interactive table comparing 1999 and 2009 data on the total number of public charities, private foundations, and other organization categories. 

Geographic focus

Analyze nonprofit data by state, county, zip, or MSA. 

Top 10 lists

View the top organizations by assets, expenses, 501(c) subsection, and location. 

Custom Table Wizard

Access a broad set of national and state-level reports on nonprofits and charitable activities in the U.S.  Customize filters and break down data by organization type, state, year, and other criteria.   

Nonprofit Reports

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief

This brief highlights trends in the number and finances of 501(c)(3) public charities, as well as key findings on private charitable contributions and volunteering, two vital resources to the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Almanac

This publication includes numerous tables on the size and scope of the nonprofit sector, and trends on a variety of measures ranging from the economic data to the latest statistics on giving and volunteering.

If you would like more information, you can create custom tables using NCCS data analysis tools or you can download raw NCCS nonprofit data.


The following external sites provide additional information about nonprofits:

See our resources page for many other sources of information on the US nonprofit sector.

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